About Us

Playa Vista Insurance Services is a full service employee benefits consulting firm providing new, fresh and cutting edge ideas when it comes to employee benefits, wellness, compliance and technology. Our role is to provide employers of all sizes with solutions for a healthier outlook, both financially and naturally. Focusing on consulting and keeping the best interest of the employer and employees is our number one goal. Those are defined by cost containment and employee morale.

Gone are the days of old when deals were done over a handshake on the golf course. Now employers are requiring and deserving more when it comes to service, creativity and strategic planning in today’s health care market.

Playa Vista Insurance Services takes the personal approach with clients by getting to know the employer needs; from the bottom line to understanding the employees needs to sustaining healthy recruitment and retention in the workplace.

We are the leaders and experts in employee benefits, understanding that each employer is different with different needs and different budgets. Playa Vista Insurance Services can customize employee benefits packages to suit those needs without compromising level of benefits or cost to a company and especially service.

With access to all of the insurance carriers available, we are not limited to certain plans or costs, but provide benefits to create a most enhanced benefits package for your employees.